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My name is Nathan Raymond and I come from a rural upstate NY town of Hurleyville, located in Sullivan County.  The I am 100km from New York City, and you have to go that far to escape the urban sprawl and be in nature. We close enough to be with people that understood both rural and city cultures so the people are an interesting mix of both extremes.

Sullivan county is home of the original 1969 Woodstock concert site and this launched the hippy and peace movement during the time of the Vietnam War. This war divided the country between the status quo supporting the war, and the people that wanted to take the country in new ideas to establish peace. To make peace, I studied history and got an understanding of the lessons of war. What do people really want and need so they would not feel the need to fight? I wanted to understand and connect with people on two different sides and help both pursue their highest potential for improving the situation.  Understanding how to help both sides lead to self improvement is best for both Japan and America too.

The great thing about NY, is it has access to people with many different cultures, and all are united to attain our highest potential. We do this by making many friends and alliances of people on the same mission as us. Our friends are out family and we travel to expand our network for self realization and actualization of our potential. I am also lucky my journey from NY led to my current efforts in Japan, because Japan has been the key to me discovering a way to unlock potential I never dreamed of in creating a new era of prosperity. My combined network of Japan and NY is a powerful resource that I welcome you to join.

My mom and dad, along with my brother and sister were my first teachers and the foundation which helped me to come want to a place like Japan, and I place I grew up in New York provided me with the opportunity to actually come to Japan, and I want other towns to allow for their people to go too.

My mom was a special education teacher for kids with special needs that did not go to regular school and needed a different approach to learning. My father was a Human Resources Director at a place that is home, and a school to people with advanced disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and allows for people that use wheelchairs.  We all have special needs however, and Sullivan County is the perfect place to invite people to come to have their special needs met.

I was actually born in a commune in Long Island, it was a great experience for my family to experience a way of living in harmony with others to create a more peaceful society. Getting people dedicated to being hands having babies at home, growing their food, educating and enriching themselves through collaborating with one another, is great to experience, in balance with our efforts as individuals. My sister became very knowledgeable in exercise and nutrition, and is interested in people and rehabilitation. My loves being in nature, woodworking and setting up systems to live off the land. I love connecting to people and I want to gather them for empowering experiences. The United States promote self determination and rugged individualism and welcome people to take part and add to its diversity.

Japan has a long history and is more about being a team player and dedication to the group. I see how in the blending of these two extremes can lead to a community uniquely qualified in reaching for their dreams and learning how to empower themselves.  I want us to have a way of also reaching out to others to create joy for them and to improve things for generations to come. Japan provides deep roots in history, while America allows for a way of imagining a bright future.

New York has long been known as the greatest city in the world and in NY State it is usually the destination of many from where I live and around the world, however coming to Japan let me to what is missing and how we can add to what people need. My NY hometown had a short lived sister city relationship with Toyama, Japan. I participated by first hosting exchange students that traveled to NY. I begged my mother and father to be host parents and letting an exchange student stay with us. This experience served as a great importance to what I am doing now. It set off a chain reaction that might not have happened any other way. The travelers feel lucky they can stay with people of that country but it turned out I was the luckiest one because it provided so many benefits.

After I my family hosted an exchange student in 1992, when I was 12, when I first went to Japan in 1994 for 10 days, I stayed with someone who stayed with us. Let me stay with them as a matter of reciprocation, but otherwise, they probably would not have let me. The law of reciprocation is a resource to be used to get an advantage in self actualization, since I also use it as an English conversation teacher, it has led to many meaningful conversations.  Conversations with people is what increases our understanding of others and leads to our own self improvement through our relationships. The reciprocation of kindness in exchange for the value in people would be the currency to develop collaboration and developing tangible resources for mutual benefit.

I really loved Japan, although it had been different than my expectations, I kept going back.

In 1996, at 16, I went again for 3 weeks to build off of where I left off and the experiences I had last time.

The first two times I went for short trips to a rural area, but then in 1998, at 18, I went to Japan for 1 year in the big city of Tokyo through AFS as an exchange student living with a host family and going to a Japanese high school on a scholarship that I competed for and won. I won the scholarship by including my other two trips and history I had developed with Japan and also saying it was my dream to be a diplomat. Who knows if I would have been chosen to go, had I not had experience from my hometown’s relationship with Japan, but since I had that experience, I had a very compelling proposal of why I should be chosen and based on my situation now, I was right to come to Japan and since it was paid with tax dollars from the people of Tokyo, I want to present the results of that exchange so they can see they got their money’s worth. Most people who want to travel do not have money, but I want to create the way that we can help investments made to us for travel can pay off for all.

1999-I came back to NY to enroll in university and study International Relations to be a diplomat, and while I was at my school I met many Japanese students that traveled to NY to get an education, and tutored them in English. This school is where I met my Japanese wife I would later be marrying in 2008.

2000- I went back to Japan as a swim teacher at the American School in Japan, in Chofu, Tokyo,

2003- After I graduated from university in NY I went back to Tokyo, to search for ways I could work in Japan, with most jobs being for a native English speaking assistant for English teachers, or conversation partner.

2004, until 2006, I returned to Japan to teach English on the JET Program. I was selected to teach in Gifu prefecture and taught at an Agricultural high school.

Then in 2007, in Seki, Gifu, teaching at 3 middle schools and 3 elementary schools to add to my high school experience to get a full understanding most children’s education in Japan.

I returned to NY but after seeing the state of affairs in the American economy at the time with the Lehman shock and a depression, I knew I had to maintain my efforts in Japan, so I could benefit and uniquely contribute to the NY community.

In 2008 I returned to Japan and in an effort to establish myself and commit to really developing myself there, I also married my wife, whom I went to college with in NY and could help in the connection between NY and Japan. Her dedication to art and singing is a beacon for other artists, since it is what is most valued for people, and I want to promote.

2009 I went back to teaching in elementary and middle schools to pick up where I left off in Japan.

2010-2012 I started to teach outside the public school systems and taught at the cram schools and English conversation schools, which are a big business in Japan. My roots in the Japanese public education provided me the understanding that I was able to use to help people in their quest for English proficiency. I was impressed with most Japanese people’s dedication to constantly expand the furthering of their knowledge and I wanted to see these kinds of schools in my NY so people could prepare for college and their dreams.

2013- I participated in the most valuable experience of all. I worked as an executive search consultant in Tokyo and found Japanese sales engineers from Japanese companies and introduced them to foreign companies doing business in Tokyo for win win solutions. This taught me about the way business in Japan operates and how I could help people in business succeed.

2015- I started my own English school in Minokamo, Gifu, and enjoyed teaching but I wanted to offer more for my students than any other school and became obsessed to solving the problem of students that study but do not improve. I needed to create a new model that could use the new technology and social media we have now to connect Japanese with English speaking people in real life.

Japanese people and the way they learn English need more English interaction than they are currently getting in their standard education and extra education.  I knew I needed to create a new system and display the results with others to prove my theories. I know that

Everyone needs easier access to study abroad and this has to be part of standard education. This is the key to unlocking the potential of the new industrial revolution we now in the midst of.

From 2016-2019 I stopped teaching at my school but dedicated myself to meet others, and networking with them to understand them and find out what they needed.

I went all over and collected tons of business cards and spent countless time speaking with people and asking them questions like, “What is your dream?” “What are you good at?” “What do you love doing?” “How can I help?”

Then I visited government and NGO offices that are dedicated to helping people, and saw how they lacked resources and how I can help them. This would lead to innovations in government and society as a whole.

Now we are in 2019, with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics around the corner, and we are ready to launch our campaign alongside a huge boom in inbound tourism that will come to see the games. During this time we also wish to meet Japanese people and gather their contact information, and knowledge of their skills and dreams, so we can invite NY people to travel to Japan to meet them. We need people to meet and connect in Japan, and then in the summer, invite people to NY so that they can showcase their skills. We need to have a Japanese festival and convention to present Japanese people as a way to connect others to new value. Japanese people with technology and NY social entrepreneurs, will provide a powerful combination in a traveling network marketing campaign. This is going to be something that other countries can join in traveling to Japan and NY so they can contribute and benefit from this as well.

It has been my dream that people do not just talk but have valuable things to say and combining it with the new technology, like blockchain, and automating paperwork so we can enjoy ourselves and promote our online campaigns and be our own boss, is going to revolutionize education and our purpose in this world. We focus on our passions as people and this combines the right and left brain to release our inner genius. This gives people a zest for living creates a genuine smile on people that spreads to others, or makes them wonder how they can be happy too.

I am so happy that I decided to stick with Japan for so many years and I am so confident that now I can save people the time and mistakes I made in learning. I am ready to listen to people and apply their own vision while combining with the value I provide to give people new value. This is an ever growing tree of life used to manifest your thoughts. We bring this to you to participate in.

This is how we establish a new generation of digital nomads that can work independently, and use their own passion to be empowered and to move full steam ahead to a bright future.

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