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From Heisei to Reiwa: all-night celebration at the Gujo Odori.

On the night of April 30th, 15,000 people gathered to celebrate this hist...
Food / Drink

“Oz land”, The Stone oven pizza in Kani, Gifu prefecture

In Dota, Kani, Gifu prefecture, there is a Pizza restaurant located along R...
Goods made in Japan

The Suzuki Tile Company in “NANAYOUSYA”

In Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, “The Suzuki Tile Company “Nanayousya” founded ...

The road station “Oba-chan ichi, Yamaoka”, home of the largest wooden water wheel in Japan.(Gifu Pre.)

Why this HUGE WATER WEEL there?That is...It's HUUUUUG...
Food / Drink

Once people try Gohei-mochi, they become addicted and want to have it again. There are lots of difference shapes and taste of Gohei-mochi, depending on the area.

Gohei-mochi is a typical local snack for people in the northern areas of Nagano, Gifu, and the Mikawa area of Aichi prefectures.