What is Chubridge



The naming of Chubridge comes from our desire to connect The Chubu area to everyone from around the world by providing a bridge from us to you.

”CHUBRIDGE.com” is our website, and the idea of making ”CHUBRIDGE.com” comes from one of our members. She has always made efforts to share information about the north east area of Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture with lots of people. She always informed people with local information, and has done this from a desire that has come from her traveling experience. She shared information through the photos she took in this area to engage in international exchange with travelers on SNS.

She also made efforts to compile information on other areas in Japan, connect to other members in other groups and made plans to vitalize the Tounou area in Gifu pref. She wants to create PR for the Tounou area in Gifu pref as well so that it will also increase the amount of travelers to the area.

Eventually we all met up by chance with each other, since we all had the same ideas and passions for this too.

All of us got together and shared ideas and out thoughts to also create new tourist spots in Aichi or Gifu prefectures so more people would be attracted to the area, and those already living here can have new things to do.

They first wanted to consider what are the current tourist spots in Aichi prefecture; Nagoya castle, the Sakae area, information about dorms in Nagoya, but besides that what else do they have? There is also Miso Katsu, which is the most famous food in Aichi Prefecture?

Then there is also Gifu prefecture.  Gifu prefecture has a surface area that is quite big but Takayama and Shirakawa-gou are pretty much the only famous places. Aside from these places, we were wondering if there are any tourist spots. We wondered where the hot spots are, and is there anything else again worth mentioning?

It is clear to anyone that is familiar with these areas that these are the common impressions of the area.

We often talk to the people who live in Aichi or Gifu prefecture and confirmed that everyone has the same opinions on this. When our friends visited us, we also don’t know where we should take them, and we are completely lost as to how we should fix this problem.

People that visit the Chubu area, may feel that just one time is enough. They may be disappointed because it is hard to find tourist spots or any information for tourists that really not help them to enjoy the area.

So we knew this was not right and we said “Hold on a second!”

In Aichi prefecture, there live around 7 million people and in Gifu prefecture their lives around 2 million people, with a total of 21 million people who live in the Chubu area at this moment. We know that there is big potential to do something new to create value with this huge amount of people.

If you visit the Chubu area, would you want to have a new experiences with local unique cultures and people if you knew it was possible? So we have to point you in the direction of the place where this is possible.

”CHUBRIDGE.com” Is the place that you can go and we will tell everyone there so they can steer you toward ”CHUBRIDGE.com” too, so you can definitely discover new experiences, and they can get involved too.

So now we have an answer when people ask us questions like;

Where is this place!? Can we try new things here!?

We would like to answer “Yes!” to you, and tell you about one place you can go to get all the incredible information that we would like to share with you.

We will share with you information about places for beautiful Scenery, Seasonal promotions, amazing events, traditional customs, new cultures, and local dialects of the language spoken in Aichi and Gifu prefecture in the Chubu area. We would like to share deep and interesting information that you can’t find anywhere else.

We share not only tourist information, but feel it is our purpose to inform people all over the world about the significance of the events that take place here.

Foreign people who live in Japan for work or study, or people that live outside Japan that are interested in Japan or studying Japanese or English, we would like to support you through our website by helping people improve their language skills and we will try to translate other languages as well.

We want to tell you that the time has come to launch our new venture, and that you should all “buckle up”! Because we are about to blast off!