“Oz land”, The Stone oven pizza in Kani, Gifu prefecture

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In Dota, Kani, Gifu prefecture, there is a Pizza restaurant located along ROUTE 41.

You can’t get in there from R41 directly, so please go there by driving in the “Yunohana-market”, and the road will lead to this restaurant.

This restaurant has traditional Japanese roofing tiles with colorful decorations on the outer wall. There is also a big sign that has the wizard of Oz as the landmark.

In front of the restaurant, there are about 3 to 4 of parking spaces

And also

There are beautiful, lush foliage plants that will be waiting for you on the inside of the restaurant.

This restaurant was open in Ena city of Gifu, but moved to Kani city of Gifu and re-opened.

In Oz land, you can have authentic pizzas and the cheesed is carefully selected for the different tastes of each pizza.

This picture is “Tomato pizza” which is the staff’s recommendation.

Freshly sliced tomato and natural cheese go very well together.

The pizza dough is between thin and thick, and is made to the perfect texture for all the ingredients being used.

They use simple ingredients, but to taste creamy cheese and have a fresh tomato taste, all in one bite will make you remember the tomato pizza, and soon you’ll want to have it again.

Next pizza is “Goheimochi pizza”

This pizza uses the Goheimochi sauce which is original and handmade.

Goheimochi sauce is a traditional food for people around this area and it was created for pizza. The sweet miso sauce is very popular with kids.

People love this pizza and are very familiar with Goheimochi sauce.

If you take a trip in Kani city near this area, you have to try this unique and well composed pizza.

Another type of pizza is “Quatro pizza”, which has 4 types of cheeses they put on it.

If you love cheese, you need to try the rich cheese taste of this pizza.

There is mozzarella, which is shredded cheese from Germany

There is parmigiana reggiano cheese from Italy.

There is goat milk cheese or blue cheese from France. We allow for the customer to choose their favorite kind.

There is also mozzarella cheese from Japan.

The different types of cheeses are mixed and melted together and each cheese flavor is exploding with taste in your month.

These special cheeses are selected by the Italian pizza chef especially for this.

If you prefer a bold, sharp, and tangy flavor, then you can change your choice to blue cheese instead of Goat milk cheese.

There is also the “Tomato garlic pizza”

The flavor is very rich and unique.

Freshly diced tomatoes with parmigiana reggiano cheese are very attractive flavors.

The garlic oil makes it more flavorful and you must have it with beer.

Last one is “Mushroom pizza”

Their Mushroom pizza is delicious and they use fresh domestic mushrooms for this.

The mushrooms are cut before they are cooked so it maintains the strong fully fresh flavor of sliced mushrooms.

I want to continue to have mushroom pizza, with a combination of tomato sauce, onions, and mushrooms. It becomes very addicting.

There are other kinds of pizza served such as vegetable pizza, Mackerel pizza and they also have a seasonal limited pizza so please check the flavor they are offering at Oz land.

Lunch time is from 10:30am to 2pm

Please check the menu, opening hours, and access under the pictures and the box.

Address4745-2 Dota, Kani, Gifu, 509-0206, Japan🚈
It takes about 10 minute by foot from Kanigawa station.
Hours of operation10:00am ~6:00pm, Monday 10:00am~3pm
Non-Working DayTuesday
Payment optionsCash
Other information 🚗It takes about 25 minutes from Komaki interchange on the The Meishin Expressway  
🚗It takes about 20 minutes from Komaki-Higashi interchange on the Chuo Expressway.  
🚗It takes about 15 minutes from Minokamo interchange on the Tokai-kanj Expressway
🚗It takes about 20 minutes from Seki downtown
🚗It takes about 25 minutes from Tajimi downtown
🚗It takes about 25 minutes from Kagamihara downtown
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