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I am a writer and planner at CHUBRIDGE.COM for the Chubu area.Where I live there is beautiful scenery, amazing people, and so much rich culture and history. We are sharing it with the world and we welcoming you to be apart of it.


I am Gotou, and a writer for CHUBRIDGE.COM. I love to enjoy a nice drink and I am interested in inviting people to the Chubu area. I want to learn about foreign people’s impressions of the area, which is so different from the Kanto or Kansai areas. I can even expect that people may have a negative critique of the Chubu area but I believe through our efforts and the information we provide through our articles about amazing spots and attractions that they will love it.
I will work hard to provide information about the Chubu area and welcome you to contribute through your passions by contacting me and my team at CHUBRIDGE.COM.


I am nature photographer at CHUBRIDGE.COM. I was born and raised in Yokohama city but I have been attracted by beautiful places in Chubu area. Also I like being in nature and Japanese cultures so I always take photos on my trip.
I have the certification of Mountain guide stageⅡin Japan so If you are interesting in mountaineering in Chubu area, please join us!

Video creator

I am a video creator gathering video and audio for other related-activities and local events in the area. This position is expected to create short-form videos for social and website marketing in conjunction with the Creative Team. Other duties as assigned. Performs pre- to post-production on video footage captured. This job operates inside and outside of a professional environment. May work outdoors at various camp and event locations. This role routinely uses standard video equipment, computers and software. This is my passion making it into a profession. Filming moments into memories!


CHUBRIDGE Chief Chubu Guide

Through traveling around the world, I realized the value of my hometown. I would be glad if people in the world could learn more about Chubu area in Japan! At CHUBRIDGE.com, I am responsible for photo and video production. It is fun to discover new things and meet nice people through visiting new places for interviews!
I would also like to introduce places that only locals know and useful information to people who are visiting Japan.

Web Master

I am a Web designer and developer of CHUBRIDGE.com.
Reasons for living is taking photograph and creating web site.
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