Where is Chubu region?

Japan is much smaller than America in size, and there is comparatively much less space to maneuver because there is a higher population density. Japan is the same size as the US state of Montana, with about 1/3 the US population crammed into it.

Despite the size of Japan, it is the 3rd largest economy, being only surpassed by China and the United States because they are larger countries with more people. Even though Japan is considered 3rd, I think it is actually number one in the way it uses its population within its space most efficiently, since it out performs other countries of similar size.

Japan is not only scrammed with people, it is also about 70 percent mountainous, with this land being uninhabitable. In places where people do not live, they also grow food, like rice and vegetables. The use the space the best they can to be as self sufficient as possible. Other countries waste space because they do not need to value it as much in order to survive the way Japanese do, but this is all rooted in culture and history for Japanese people.

This efficient use of space influences the thinking of people and so they often say “motai nai”, which means “Do not waste”. Very little gets wasted in Japan, so space gets used to the fullest and people get maximized in efficiency too. In America, people are in competition to establish themselves as rugged individuals, where as Japanese people cooperate more, are more patriotic and use positive thinking to increase maximize themselves and cooperation in the group.

I learned a lot from this and have made a continuous effort improve myself in the context of maximizing my relationship. This is the effect Japan has on people when they chose to live here, and I want to make sure people get this benefit from just visiting too.

I did not know much about Japan at first and but I really enjoyed the movie The Karate Kid (Best Kid, in Japan), and just like most foreign people, I did not know where to start or how to come to Japan. I know this knowledge now and want to share it with you today and even have a recommendation for the best place to visit. I am here to help you get the most out of Chubu, and it is the best place to learn Japanese culture. This can be a foundation for you to develop opportunities in the rest of the country.

I am presenting the Chubu region as the starting point and welcome people to Japan to develop your potential. The lessons here are rooted in a long history to develop a new context to work in. The other famous cities in Japan like Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa and Kyoto, will be enjoyed more when you really understand Japanese culture.

You need to start from the beginning and create your own history in the country, and develop your place within a group for cooperation that you can be useful to.

Very little is known about the Chubu region, and we want to focus on Gifu prefectures and Aichi prefectures, since prefectures, not states, make up Japan. Understanding and recognizing Nagoya as the main city of value for manufacturing, and visiting the Toyota Museum to see how Toyota became one of the most famous companies in the world is important for your own journey. Arriving to our area through the Central Japan Airport and begin your trip here, is to connect to Japan the right way. Surrounding the airport you can take a tour of pottery and understand how important an industry this is in establishing the Japanese manufacturing base.

Chubu is the center of Japan and the people here are very conservative. They preserve the values and history that has led to this wonderful and productive society, The Chubu region is especially orderly, efficient, safe and prosperous. Many foreign people that come to Japan can find that even though people are shy and hard to approach, once you make a connection, they will really want to speak and take an interest in you. I recommend people prepare their encounters with Japanese people the way an entrepreneur does in business. To be a social entrepreneur, and a plan to lead people into the future, will lead to great friendships and others will want to meet you too.

Japanese is a homogenous society. This means most people are Japanese, with the same culture. The same culture means people follow rules and protocol more than verbalize their unique points of view. It is great to exchange points of view, but learning these rules is essential to understand what Japanese are thinking. For most Japanese learning Japanese culture begins at birth and it is difficult for foreign people traveling here to catch since they have a late start. When you learn these rules you will be like a Japanese person and better able to tell right from wrong and what is appropriate for a person to do in a situation according to their age, sex and occupation.

The Chubu region of Japan, is the center of manufacturing, It acts as the back office for all the sales offices we see in places like Tokyo and Osaka. The Chubu region is the actual source of control for Japan. Japan is the land of companies.. The thinking of people and Japanese culture is rooted in cooperation developed for extracting the good of people and things. Companies rely on human resources for assessing people and sending them to different departments depending on their skills. People coordinate and perform different functions to form one unit to be productive and efficient.

Japanese do not just live in the moment, but act in the context that has insight to at least 20 years into the future. We also have a sense of history and today we see many companies that make up Japan, that are an extension of the Samurai and feudal armies that Japan is known for. The vast history of wars that were fought to establish the country, like the battle of Sekigahara, occurred in the Chubu region, particularly in the Gifu area.

Gifu has always been the most valuable target of control. Oda Nobunaga, a powerful war lord in the 16th century is quoted as saying “If you control Gifu, you control Japan”. And that is why you can see Gifu lined with manufacturing because the manufacturing and companies are what is needed for control of Japan today. Japan’s long history of war has lead to the modern day order and productivity. This is what is possible for people once the internal conflict in a group has been settled.

Japan is an island nation with most other prefectures being in contact to the ocean that surrounds it, but not Gifu. Gifu is landlocked and protected. Most of Japan suffers from earthquakes and tsunamis, but not Gifu, because it is protected and has lots of forest and mountains to provide stability and nature.  

The companies and their workers are the samurai of today and are the warriors are working hard to ensure they can continue to provide benefit to those around them. They dedicate their lives with honor, and live by a code of conduct. The samurais lived and died by the sword, and these days the pen has become mightier than the sword. We welcome you to the Chubu region to begin your training and ascension into a bigger global context that you begin in Chubu and bring to your own local community for improvement. You can infuse with Japanese and act the way they do, and infuse it with your efforts. We welcome you to Chubu to experience the real Japanese culture. Many Japanese engineers are very precise in science that we can use to engineer a bright future, with your help in communication.

It is a challenge for foreign people to come to Japan to assimilate but we provide a purpose by introducing you to share your language and culture with people that are interested, and rest assured that most are.

Most Japanese study English for a long time, however can’t actually speak, since they only study grammar and vocabulary. Japanese need real interactions with real foreign people so they can actually practice speaking and learn from mistakes. They also need people they can go and visit when they travel so they can continue to improve and their country can remain productive as a top economy. You can welcome Japanese to your area and they can bring these benefits to you.