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From Heisei to Reiwa: all-night celebration at the Gujo Odori.

On the night of April 30th, 15,000 people gathered to celebrate this hist...
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“Oz land”, The Stone oven pizza in Kani, Gifu prefecture

In Dota, Kani, Gifu prefecture, there is a Pizza restaurant located along R...
Goods made in Japan

The Suzuki Tile Company in “NANAYOUSYA”

In Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, “The Suzuki Tile Company “Nanayousya” founded ...

The road station “Oba-chan ichi, Yamaoka”, home of the largest wooden water wheel in Japan.(Gifu Pre.)

Why this HUGE WATER WEEL there?That is...It's HUUUUUG...


This Airbnb place has good access to Nagoya Dome! Parking facilities are al...
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Once people try Gohei-mochi, they become addicted and want to have it again. There are lots of difference shapes and taste of Gohei-mochi, depending on the area.

Gohei-mochi is a typical local snack for people in the northern areas of Nagano, Gifu, and the Mikawa area of Aichi prefectures.


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“Ankake pasta PaPaboo”/ Ichinomiya city

One of the best foods to try in Japan, is Ankake pasta.There is a restauran...
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The Yamaha company, “Kurumi-yubeshi”

Yubeshi is a traditional Japanese sweet.Generally, all ingredients such...
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The tree with the yellow leaves is the Ginko tree and ginko nuts looks like jade, surrounded by a hard and yellow shell

Source of Ginko HistorySobue town, Inazawa city, in the Chubu area, is the ...
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“Kei-Chan”! Traditional, easy cooked, and healthy food

What is Kei-chan, which is familiar with local people?“Kei-Chan”, which is ...
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It gets very cold in the Hida region of Gifu prefecture and they have developed many delicious ways of warming you up. One of the best foods in the winter time is “Hoba Miso”

“Hoba-miso” is just one of the many local foods from the Hida region in Gifu pr...